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Following is the subject wise syllabus of the CET Test for the 3 year LLB course:

1) Legal Aptitude - 

This subject will test the interest of candidates towards the subject of law, research aptitude and problem solving ability. Questions will be the help of legal propositions and a set of facts to which the said proposition has to be applied. Some propositions may not be true in the real sense, candidates will have to assume truth of these propositions and answer the questions drawing well-supported conclusions.

2) General Knowledge with Current Affairs - 

The topics such as History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern Period), Geography, Civics, General Science, Economics, Current Affairs of the past one year. The subject is to assess the knowledge of the recent happening and awareness of the world.

3) Logical and Analytical Reasoning -

a. Logical Reasoning - The subject is to test the candidate's ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. It will include a wide variety of logical reasoning questions such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, completing arguments, drawing well supported conclusions, reasoning by analogy, applying principles or rules.

b. Analytical Reasoning -

The subject is to measure the ability of students to understand the structure of relationship and to draw logical conclusions about the structures. It includes reasoning deductively from a set of statements and rules or principles that describes the relationship among persons, things or events.

4) English -

 Vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, analogies etc.) proficiency (idioms and phrases, one word substitution, sentence rearrangement, fill in the blanks etc.) English usages errors (common errors)


i) Total Marks: 150
ii) Number of Multiple Choice Questions: 150
iii) Duration of Examination: 2 hours
iv) No Negative Marking


Legal aptitude           [ 30 Marks ]

General Knowledge  [ 40 Marks ]

Logical Reasoning    [ 30 Marks ]

English                      [ 50 Marks ]

          Total               [ 150 Marks ]

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